Getting the Information Across

Currently I am on the Pharmacy team within IHC. At first I though that the team would mainly consist of counting pills and getting sponsors to help fund the needs of our patients. Although, I quickly realized and fell in love with the community outreach aspect of our team. Not only do we desire to […]

First Trip to Clinic!

The road to my first clinic was a long and difficult one. Despite being nineteen and away from home, the consent of my parents is always needed before I start on any venture that is outside of my comfort zone. At first my parents were very apprehensive, the news and stereotypes of places like Tijuana […]

My First Clinic Trip

Since I had joined IHC I had been looking forward to my first clinic trip in Tijuana. When the day came I was so excited to finally experience what everyone had been talking about. The day started out bright and early as we all met up to heard to the border. The trip to the […]

A Second Clinic Experience

I attended clinic for the first time months ago in the summer but had been unable to attend for the rest of the year because of my new job. When signing up for the May clinic, I was both excited and nervous to be in Tijuana again. I didn’t know if going back would feel […]

Finding my Community

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members” Coretta Scott King nn This past weekend, I attended my second clinic and although it was only my second, I had one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences yet. The day started quite early, but being surrounded by […]

Pharmacy and Family

“Good things come in small packages.” Luckily, this age-old adage proves to be true time and time again. The first time I attended clinic and volunteered in its pharmacy I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, as I had never had an opportunity that was similar to or even parallel to any of […]

Courageous Audrianna

Audrianna, one of our newest IHC members has proven to be a leader. For our February clinic she stepped up to the plate and drove to Tijuana for her first time in order to accommodate more IHC members and medical providers. This made clinic run more efficient and gave new IHC members the chance to […]

Diving for Food

IHC members Diana Naamo, Jesse Tai, Cameron Ormiston, Matthew Chan, and myself ventured out to various grocery stores in San Diego for IHC’s first dumpster dive of the year! n First, we stopped by Ralph’s next to campus and found a plethora of perfect florals and arrangements that were n disposed of. Check out the […]

n Hello all, nn I was fortunate enough to attend the December 2017 Scorpion Bay trip. I suppose there are a lot of different angles from which to approach learning something from the trip, but for now I want to talk about Earthquake. Earthquake is a man we met shortly before returning to the states, […]

Jennifer Le, Director of Local Action

Name: Jennifer Le n Age: 22 n Graduation Year: Spring 2017 n UCSD College: Earl Warren n Major: General Biology n Hobbies: Hiking, binge watching Netflix shows (P.S. watch Master of None if you haven’t yet!), traveling, and reading. n Fun Fact: I’ve lived in San Diego my entire life, at most 15 minutes away […]