“Good things come in small packages.” Luckily, this age-old adage proves to be true time and time again. The first time I attended clinic and volunteered in its pharmacy I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, as I had never had an opportunity that was similar to or even parallel to any of the opportunities that IHC provides. I knew that the pharmacy would be busy, especially as clinic comes to an end and the final prescriptions are written. However, as clinic started and files with prescriptions came in, our small group quickly distinguished who would be assigned what role in order to fill the prescriptions with accuracy and increased efficiency. I was finding medication and counting pills with Amena, while Amy and the pharmacist Heidi were writing labels and updating the itinerary. With these assignments, my worry quickly faded away into comfort. Amena and I bonded, laughing over silly school experiences, as we sorted through the overflowing medicine cabinet. I also got to know Amy and the pharmacist Heidi better, experiencing firsthand their caring personalities. Before my second clinic, we were told that IHC was getting another cabinet for the pharmacy. I was ecstatic, never have I been so excited over a cabinet. This time, during the second clinic, there were seven of us, and I was updating the itinerary with new medication. Even though the pharmacy was busier this time, time passed by so quickly, especially with the witty banter between Rubeen and Colette and the pharmacist Heidi’s interesting stories.


Every time I attend clinic in the pharmacy, I always learn something new, whether it be getting to know someone better or learning about the pharmacy. Amy, Colette, and Heidi are incredibly helpful and informative about the way pharmacy runs, and Heidi never seems to let a learning opportunity pass us by, especially when she asks “what’s the side effect of this medication?” or “what is medication for?” and reveals the answer to us later. Moreover, the older members like Colette, Briana, Rebecca, and Alyson are amazing too, willing to answer questions about school, pharmacy from a student’s perspective and as a career choice, or life in general. Even members outside of the pharmacy like Daryn and Javier would check in and see if we needed help, further creating a positive, productive environment that I can’t wait to go back to. These experiences helped me meet passionate, driven people at different stages of life with different talents and different goals, and ultimately allowed me to become friends, if not fam(pharm)ily, with them. Thanks so much IHC!


PC: Briana Zimmers

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