Spanish Interpreter

Spanish Interpreter Project helps bridge the communication gap between various IHC projects and the Spanish-speaking communities in Mexico
who do not share a common language.  Our project strives to 
connect IHC with our target communities in Mexico to build a trusting relationship and lasting impact.

Project Description

The goal of the Spanish Interpreter Project is to facilitate the communication between IHC’s projects and the target communities in Mexico.

Our members assist the project by attending the clinics and facilitating the clinic flow by interpreting in consult rooms, vitals stations, and holding various workshops in the waiting area for different IHC projects, along with working on other translation projects such as pamphlets, videos, written materials, and Spanish phrase lists.

The Spanish Interpreter Project team  collaborates with different IHC projects that require Spanish translation and play a key role in building connections with the communities in Mexico.

Our Spanish interpreters are trained through IHC Spanish interpreter training program to ensure all volunteer interpreters understand their role and duties. These sessions will be dedicated to practicing mock interpretation situations and compiling resources for medical Spanish terminology.

Project Member Roles