Clinic Quality Improvement

We focus on coordinating and incorporating evidence-informed improvements at IHC’s monthly free-clinics to better serve the Tijuana Progreso community. We consider all aspects of our clinic to make an impact from the triaging staging through to patient discharge and beyond.

CQI Project Structure

For the 2023-24 academic year the Clinic Quality Improvement project is organized into mini-workgroups, each with 2-4 project members. Each of these workgroups focus on different issues and collaborate with other projects when applicable.

Workgroups meet with the CQI Project Manager (PM) in advance of each clinic to discuss their progress and plans for implementing our impact. We are open to collaborate with any project or organization interested in implementing an initiative at our monthly clinics. Please contact the PM at to learn more. 

our impact

Clinics are normally the first Saturday of every month. Our work continues to be possible only through the dedication of our volunteers, providers, and Community Health Worker – Gina! We’re always looking for more drivers and volunteers. See you at Clinic! 🙂

Current Workgroups

Last Updated: April 18th, 2024

Creating, implementing, and maintaining an inventory for non-medication supplies and equipment.

Coordinating with our providers in/around the community we serve to establish frameworks for patient referral.

Collaborating with IHC’s Electronic Health Records project to analyze our patient data and generate monthly reports.

Establishing infrastructure and guidelines to improve the ways we generate and distribute pamphlets at clinic.

Coordinating the provision of glasses and other forms of vision-related care for community members at clinic.

Disseminating resources to improve Spanish speaking confidence amongst clinic volunteers.

Coordinating BLS/CPR training courses to be adapted for Tijuana Progreso community members.

Coordinating the free distribution of food products for Tijuana Progreso community members.

To initiate discussion and create protocols relating to how Clinic Volunteers & Providers can respond to emergency situations including, but not limited to: domestic violence reports, life threatening injury or allergic reaction, intent to commit suicide.

CQI 2023-24!!