Since I had joined IHC I had been looking forward to my first clinic trip in Tijuana. When the day came I was so excited to finally experience what everyone had been talking about. The day started out bright and early as we all met up to heard to the border. The trip to the clinic reminded me a lot of the time when I went to Afghanistan. The sights and sounds seemed very familiar to me. When we reached clinic the new IHC members were given a tour and then we went straight to work.


My first rotation was triage where we I helped take vitals with Nelson and Cynthia (Shout out to Nelson and Cynthia 🙂 ). We saw many patients during the triage but this little guy in the picture particularly stole my heart.

The second half of rotation I was in consult with Dr. Thomas and I learned so many things in shadowing him. It was also fun trying to remember the three years of Spanish that I took in high school hearing Brian translate.


Overall, going to clinic was an amazing experience. I learned so much and I met so many new people at clinic. I’m excited to get more involved in IHC and to go to clinic again soon!


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