Documenting the Amazing Work of IHC: A New Journalist

Hello everyone! My name is Zachary Manalo (He/Him/His), and I will be this year’s Journalist for IHC. I am a Filipino American based out of Los Angeles California passionate about health journalism and research. I graduated from UCSD with a B.S. in Human Biology and currently completing a master’s program under the Global Health Department. […]

What they don’t want you to see…n

On a cold and rainy Saturday night, I went dumpster diving for the first time. Okay, okay–I didn’t actually do the “diving” part, I kinda just held the flashlight… but hey, that counts right? nn I learned a lot during this dumpster dive. For one, I learned Blaze Pizza’s garbage dumpsters actually smell heavenly, especially […]

What we do…

n I have had many experiences with United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) over the course of the time that I have lived in San Diego. There was the time in medical school when I went down to Tijuana with my friends and I was the designated driver but I had forgotten my wallet. […]

Joseph Breuer, Project Manager

n Joe Breuer n Age: 23 n Master of Biology Student, UCSD n Hobbies: Skiing, backpacking, swimming, making music, watching GOT n Spirit Animal: Velociraptor n n How/Why did you get involved with IHC? n n With so many possibilities to get involved here in San Diego, and not to say San Diego and its […]

Arina Alexeeva, Project Manager

n Arina Alexeeva n Master’s Student at UCSD specializing on Alzheimer’s Disease n Star sign: Aquarius n Spirit Animal: Hedgehog n Fun Fact: I am from Siberia n n How/Why did you get involved with IHC? n n IHC’s dedication to creating change via a culturally aware and sustainable manner caught my eye and inspired […]

Exceptional Joe

This past year Joe has been such a great addition to the IHC family. He has been a dedicated, responsible, and just an amazing member overall. Joe has been present for many IHC events including GBMs and multiple clinics. He has taken on the project manager position for the English Language Class and has been […]

Shout-out to Daryn!n

n Aside from the clinical aspect of IHC, the welcoming, service-orienting organization is also full of wonderful people. One of these people who I want to acknowledge and give gratitude to is the president of the organization, Daryn Longman. I first met Daryn 3 years ago when she was my TA for a biology class. […]

My Fun-filled First!

My first clinic was so awesome! The drive was a little intimidating, but shoutout to everyone in my car who believed in me because we had so much fun talking throughout the whole trip and bonding! During clinic I learned a lot of valuable skills such as taking blood pressure, temperature, and what questions to […]

My Reflection on a Year of Serving

It amazes me at the difference that a political border and about forty miles can make. As people living in America, and not to say that we do not have our own societal healthcare discrepancies, we often take for granted the fact that when we get sick or have an injury, with most of us […]

Launching the English Language Class

n The night before the first English Language Class I was sifting through the printouts of animals with English labels, trying to memorize their names in Spanish. “What am I even doing?” I remember thinking. How could I, someone who doesn’t know any Spanish and had little interacted with the kids in Tijuana Progresso, possibly […]