Hello everyone! My name is Zachary Manalo (He/Him/His), and I will be this year’s Journalist for IHC. I am a Filipino American based out of Los Angeles California passionate about health journalism and research. I graduated from UCSD with a B.S. in Human Biology and currently completing a master’s program under the Global Health Department. I have written for multiple student organizations and maintain a blog as a freelance journalist. Often when we hear the word “journalist” or even “media” we instantly veer our thoughts to reflect the current humanitarian and environmental disasters of our generation. This large looming shadow often overcasts journalism’s ability to document, recognize, and celebrate the many notable victories along the way. This second, often forgotten, dimension of media is what I hope to encapsulate this year as IHC’s journalist. To promote a source of inspiration, through information, and be the story that breaks through the illusion that is IHC’s stagnation.


Over the past two years, COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on IHC’s ability to reach and serve the communities it has historically served. Cancelation of multiple IHC-fostered programs, complications with a virtual clinic, and overall disengagement via the online setting are all obstacles IHC battled with. For this reason, it is enticing to write about problems that IHC has overcome. However, the thrill of this organization is due in part to a more interconnected story. A story about how a group of inspiring, culturally diverse people was able to use the cards they have been dealt to advocate for a more holistic, and culturally competent vision of health.


Whether you are a Board director, active member, intern, volunteer, or random passerby, I hope that these stories inspire you to connect and fall in love(again) with the amazing people that make this collection what it is today. I hope to promote the idea that heroes come in many forms and can come from anywhere, and at any time. Therefore, if you have any suggestions for community spotlights and or stories relating to IHC feel more than free to shoot me an email at zach@ihcucsd.org. Together we can document, recognize, and celebrate the innovative health services IHC offers.

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